24 JanThe Top 3 Elements That Make Up a Good Web Design

Creating a website that attracts a lot of visitors depends greatly on the design and efficiency of your site. It takes more than just great content to make a website highly scannable and to make Google notice it. What you post matters – your general content plus videos, images, and audio files – but generally, what people are looking for is an overall effect that makes them go “wow!.” Certain elements make websites more interesting. Here are three of them.

1. Content that is king.

High-quality content is important if you ever want to attract attention online. Content here means anything and everything that you post on your page or blog, be it in the form of text, image, videos, and even audio files. Do not just put any content without thinking about its relevant to the blog’s general theme. With good quality content, your website will not only be interesting for people, but it will also rank high in search engines like Google, and when this happens, your website will have a strong online presence

2. Good typography.

A good website depends a lot on the kind of typography it uses. Over the years, a site content’s font has come to mean a lot. From a mere aesthetic (generally) factor, it has now somehow become some sort of an identity or trademark. So if your website uses Calibri, it will be known for that. However, it is better to choose a larger and more unique font, something that not a lot of website users. Be sure, however, that the font you plan to use is acceptable by your computer and some browsers.

3. Responsive and interactive is the way to go.

An interactive website is always a joy to behold. It’s physically attractive. It’s lively and fun. But it’s not everything in a mobile-driven world like ours. To make visitors want to visit your site regularly, you also have to have a responsive web design. This means that every time they browse using their smartphones and tablets, your website opens and displays accordingly. In other words, your website should also be optimized for smartphone and tablet use.

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